Imperial mocha stout

Now you have the best of both worlds; Upstate Coffee to start your adventure and the Adirondack Brewery Imperial Mocha Stout to celebrate your achievements along the way.

Imperial Mocha Stout is the ultimate blend of smooth, smokey notes, with sweet milk-chocolate undertones, perfect for that evening campfire.

16 fl.oz  8% A|C./Vol.  IBU: 10

The collaboration


1 Collaborative Lable design

This was a fun process between Upstate Coffee’s graphic designer Chelsea Maymon and Adirondack Brewery’s graphic designer Ian Quillinan. We had a great time working together and the results are a fantastic blend of the two artists!

2 Choosing the coffee

When the Adirondack Brewery reached out to Upstate Coffee for the collaboration one of the first things we did was have a coffee tasting. There was a lot of coffee consumed; we were all up for the next 48h staring at the ceiling!

3 BrewIng the BEER!

In this photo, the master minds behind the Upstate Coffee Stout are dumping in the beans. The beans are added about 3 days after the start of the beer making process and are left to steep for 3 days. This is what gives the stout its delicious coffee flavors.

4 Filling the 16oz cans

The first few sets of cans over flow until the setting are calibrated. It is obvious to see that these are the first few and the machine has not been dialed in. Once this is done, little to no beer is spilled.

5 Capping with carbonation

A quick and very tiny burst of water agitates the beer to cause carbonation to fill any void between the lid and beverage. The bubbles are filled with carbonation and leave no room for air. This is how the beer is sealed without air contamination and the results are a long lasting beer in your fridge.

6 Adding the labels

Those super cool labels that Chelsea and Ian created are printed on a roll and are basically really nice water proof stickers. While drinking my first Upstate Coffee Stout, I found this to be mesmerizing and fun to watch.

7 Hand delivery

The cans are washed and then hand placed in each case. Thanks for taking the time to watch the awesome process of how our beer was created. Please enjoy our Upstate Coffee Stout and share with a friend.

Adirondack Brewery

Adirondack Pub & Brewery is located in the heart of Lake George Village and right next tothe award-winning brewery. The rustic cabin-inspired restaurant is open for lunch anddinner. Adirondack Pub & Brewery's beer is distributed by six New York State distributors,and can be found in 32 counties throughout the state! The Upstate Coee Stout is easilyfound in the state of New York.