Our story


Upstate Coffee was fortunate to start its roastery in the Mohawk Harvest Co-op grocery store five years ago in the heart of Gloversville, New York.⁠ At the co-op, we became an integral part of our community and have been able to build ties with local vendors and hear our customer’s stories from all over the state. These experiences and conversations while at the co-op is something Upstate Coffee cherishes and modeled our core values. We enjoy sharing all of this as Upstate Coffee grows.

We're UPSTATE Coffee Roasters and we'd like to help you wake up for your next adventure.  Share your adventure with us, so we can share a cup with you. 

Mohawk Harvest Co-op

Local support, community oriented and sustainable.  That is the essence of the Mohawk Harvest Co-op, and the reason Upstate Coffee started in and remains roasting your coffee in this Co-op.  Being an integral part of the community in this way allows us to build ties and hear stories in an intimate and positive way. This bonding of the community is something that Upstate Coffee cherishes and models its core values from.

Upstate Coffee understands the importance and supports community co-ops in anyway it can. We make it a point to visit each and every store, this way we can continue our core values and make important relationships with our fellow co-ops.  Upstate Coffee likes to be involved with coffee tastings, public lectures/presentations and are open to marketing opportunities.

Upstate New York

The lower boundary of “Upstate New York” might be up for argument, but the beauty and rich history of our region is not.  From the Canadian Border down, from Vermont/Mass out to Lakes Ontario and Erie, Upstate New York is famous world-wide for its nature and its wonderful people.  Upstate Coffee strives to reflect Upstate New York with our variety of experiences and tastes, our down to earth nature, and our balance of past, present, and future.  Whether it is the water, or soil, or the people, both Upstate New York and Coffee combine for an experience that lingers in the memory long after the parting.

Our Coffee

Upstate Coffee knows that our region often prefers darker, earthier flavors manifested through the harshness of our winters and culture. At the same time we offer an array of tastes and complexities reflecting the differences between the regions of coffees that we represent. Our Fair Trade coffee is roasted to bring out our best version of that particular bean and to continue what Upstate Coffee represents. Above all, we commit to excellence, sustainability, fair trade, socially conscious products and community.