Lake Pleasant

Dark roast coffee is bold and for anytime of the day. The Upstate Coffee™ Peruvian (Fair Trade, Organic) beans in our smoky Lake Pleasant single origin coffee are sourced from an environmentally friendly cooperative farm.

Tasting notes

Creamy Cocoa  Hearty  Bright
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Lake Pleasant Dark Roast Upstate Coffee

an afternoon stroll

Our favorite trail

Grimes glen

Pillsbury Mountain is a pretty huge hike in the southern Adirondacks at 3,597 feet in elevation! There is a river to enjoy on the way up and a fire tower at the top. This fire tower is closed however, the stairs are still accessible and the views are absolutely worth every step taken.


(Above) Pillsbury Mountain fire tower, NY.

(Banner) Locals and visitors alike enjoy Lake Pleasant, a serene lake with a quaint town that is perfect for an afternoon stroll or picnic anytime of the year.

Local Attractions

  • CampStore! is the campers' closest source for seasoned firewood, ICE, candy, supplies, fishing tackle, and general good vibes. Click the IG to learn more!

    Campstore! Click the IG to learn more.