Lake George

Lake George medium roast coffee is a flavorful and nutty, traditional cup of coffee. The decadent flavor of our Peruvian single origin coffee comes from (Fair Trade, Organic) beans harvested in the Chanchamayo region. 

Tasting notes

Chocolate  Nutty  Smooth
12.0 oz Whole Bean Coffee
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Lake George

queen of the American lakes

Our favorite trail

Prospect Mountain Trail

(Above) Prospect Mountain Trail

(Banner) Lake George, the Queen of the American Lakes, is a bustling summer destination steeped in rich history. After walking the strip, conquering the epic Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course, and going to one of the water parks, this is a great way to complete the Lake George region experience.


This trail will be the busiest we have recommended and connects to a picnic are accessible by car. Beautiful views for the entire family.