Medium Roast Honduran


This medium roast coffee is the perfect partner for your daily grind. Our single origin Honduran (Fair Trade, Organic, Shade Grown, Bird Friendly) beans are of exceptional quality and come from a farm owned and operated by female coffee producers. If you like medium roast, Sacandaga is amazing.

Tasting notes

Chocolate  Orange  Honey
12.0 oz Whole Bean Coffee
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Our favorite trail

Hadley Mountain Trail

Hadley Mountain is a great option to see the Great Sacandaga Lake and the Southern Adirondacks. The fire tower at the top allows for stunning views in all directions.


(Above) Snow covered Hadley Mountain fire tower.

(Banner) The Great Sacandaga Lake is an all-season destination for boating, water sports, snowmobiling, skiing, fishing and all kinds of recreation! Find a BnB on the lake and your sure to have a great time!