Sleepy Hollow

Looking for less caffeine? 

We are proud to offer such an enjoyable decaf. Our rich decaf coffee uses only Swiss Water Processed (Fair Trade, Organic) beans. This process is chemical free and helps maintain the delicious and smooth taste of our Sleepy Hollow.

Tasting notes

Smooth  Buttery  Sweet
12.0 oz Whole Bean Coffee
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Sleepy Hollow

a peaceful residential community

Our favorite trail

Sky Top Trail

Drive south from Sleepy Hollow lake to find the Sky Top Trail. This hike is unique with a stone memorial, breathtaking views and impressive cliffs. There are a few different trail offerings, so pay attention to your options.


(Above) A stunning winter photo of Sky Top Tower.

(Banner) Sleepy Hollow Lake is a peaceful residential community with a myriad of recreational opportunities and resort-style living. It truly is a beautiful place to visit and a wonderful area to call home.