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Brittany Cummings

Upstate, NY:
Coffee, Mountains, Dogs, Camera
I enjoy storytelling through love, laughter and the great outdoors.
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Born and raised in Upstate, NY, I love the outdoors. Catch me exploring the Adirondacks in my free time, either climbing mountains, adventuring with my dogs or camping. I love coffee, croissants, giving the pups a good belly rub and enjoying my favorite local goods.

Throughout the last year I’ve logged over 250 hikes, 80k feet of elevation gain, and more than 200 hours in the woods. I’ve drank Upstate Coffee on countless summits, caught sunrises and chased sunsets, and fallen in the mud more times than I can count, all with my dogs by my side.

I’m an Upstate Coffee drinking, sunrise catching, dog loving, avid hiker and photographer. I enjoy spending my days exploring the Adirondacks with my pack of four legged pals by my side. Determined to get outside and give my dogs a life of adventure and fulfillment I’ve found some of my greatest passions. The Adirondacks have inspired me to use my camera to tell stories through the use of natural light, love and laughter. I enjoy creating content, partnering with brands who share my values, capturing authentic emotions and believe strongly that the outdoors are a gateway to a better life for you and your pet.

Drink good coffee. Get outside. Get inspired. Bring the dogs.

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Follow me on Instagram @jonathanzaharek

Follow me on Instagram @jonathanzaharek